Chase Grammer | ART DIRECTOR

Heal The Bay

Heal The Bay

An environmental advocacy group in Santa Monica, California. These non profit spokesman and volunteers have made LA's marine life their pride and joy. With constant work to be done, Heal The Bay asked for the help of MCGANN | ZHANG to get more awareness from the locals to donate and protect their mother ocean.

Soul of the Ocean

The beach is part of the great beating heart of Los Angeles. The ocean is like a mother that cradles the city. But, even with such love, LA hurts it ocean mother with trash and pollution. It is here, in these videos, that we give the ocean mother voice. 

Gift of the Sea - Table Book

Based on Soul of the Ocean Campaign we have compiled a table book with beautiful images of LA coastline accompanied by some poetic words from mother ocean herself.

Sea Critters

While the beach is the gateways to the mother ocean the sea critters are its children. These critters have been dealing with the LA’s pollution for a while. So, we wondered what it would be like if we gave some of the trashed characters voices of their own.