Chase Grammer | ART DIRECTOR


Chase Grammer | Self Portrait

Chase Grammer

Hey, I'm Chase, a BFA student of Advertising at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. Working professionally as a Freelance Graphic Designer since High School, I have been developing my portfolio with photography and illustration as I further my educational career as an art director.

You could call me an obsessive gamer, I've already come to terms with my favorite addiction. When I am not gaming I am fiddling with my ukulele (one day I will write that damn song). When I am not relaxing with those I am making collage pieces for my friends. I got into collage after some experimentation with my own photography, but I fell in love once I saw the work of QTA-3 on Instagram. His pieces are visual poetry and I strive to follow in his lessons. 

If you ever need a poster or some album art done, let me know. Cus I will so do it.